Frequently asked questions

Any citizen of Nigeria who wants to take actions to improve the quality of healthcare is eligible to becoming a member. The minimum requirement is passion for a positive change.

One can become a member by completing the membership form online or the hard copies that will be made available in communities where we have members.

The Head Office is located in Abuja – Nigeria’s capital city.

This is not a project or programme of any organisation. It is a novel idea by a citizen of Nigeria accepted by other citizens and everyone is working hard to make it become a reality. The activities of the campaign are funded from donations from members, advisers and mentors. So far, there is no foreign donor support to this campaign.

No. We do not have physical offices. However, the Steering Team of the Campaign at the community, LGA or State level may choose to have an office in their location of choice if they can afford it.

Members of this campaign are required to do the following; first, adopt a community they want to work in. Second, identify people of like minds and form a team. Third, adopt a health facility they want to optimise. Fourth, conduct a baseline functionality assessment and prepare a wish list based on the needs identified. Fifth, plan and implement an advocacy program in the community involving key stakeholders. Sixth, document and report progress being made. Finally, celebrate your success stories.

With the optimisation of the health facility, members of the campaign shall derive satisfaction of being change makers.

This shall be considered by the Steering Team. However, names of all members shall published on the campaign website.

Every member has the responsibility to take this campaign to their community.

Members are expected to take the campaign to communities of interest, one at a time, preferably communities they are well known. The more members that do this, the more communities we reach.

We encourage campaigners to map the stakeholders in the community they work and involve everyone who will help them to succeed.

Our main official communication channel to members is through emails. We may also use social media platforms periodically.

Not absolutely. Advocacy visit is definitely necessary in the communities but there are many other activities that are involved. We shall provide a manual to guide members on how to carry out this campaign.

This campaign shall continue in Nigeria until 2030 when we believe every health facility should have been optimised to provide quality health and satisfactory health services to the people.

Any improvement recorded in the health facility you are working to optimise should count as a success story.

We expect funds from voluntary donations, grants and sale of branded materials we shall produce.

Not quite. We expect any member who is ready to commence actions in their communities. We have a team of highly experienced professionals, advisers and mentors who shall provide technical support to help community-based interventions succeed.

No. Steering Team shall mobilise funds for operations but members are expected to mobilise domestic resources in their communities to make the hospitals work.

This campaign is an initiative of Dr. Laz Ude Eze, a public health management expert. Many other health professionals and Nigerian people have bought into the idea and everyone is working diligently together to make the objectives become a reality.

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